After completing undergraduate studies in Bioengineering and Chemistry in 2000, Kevin started to pursue a career in the field of medicine.  He discovered acupuncture while applying for medical schools. Acupuncture appealed to his calling to assist healing in the most natural and non-invasive way.  In 2005, Kevin graduated from AOMA in Austin with a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  He continues intensive studies to this day.  His teachers are Dr. Jeffrey Yuen (88th generation lineage holder, Daoist Jade School of Purity) and Dr. Arnaud Versluys, (20th generation lineage holder, Tien-Zeng Shang Han Lun Herbalism).  Both are renowned experts, emphasizing teachings from the classical writings of Chinese Medicine dating from over 1000 years ago.  Kevin's studies have cultivated a deep ability to promote healing from a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. For more information, go to

​In his personal time, Kevin enthusiastically practices Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong.  He also loves to swim, cook and listen to music.  He enjoys a loving family life that keeps him happily and smiling daily.  

Dr. Pollard earned her medical degree from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School in Dallas in 1998.  She completed her residency in Family and Community Medicine at Columbia University-New York Presbyterian Hospital in 2001, serving as Chief Resident in her final year.  Her training in Family Medicine emphasized illness and health in the context of genetics, family, environment, community and spiritual life. In 2009, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Health in South America, and conducted research on primary care-oriented health systems and primary care evaluation. Dr. Pollard is a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She serves as Co-Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine's (AIHM) Austin Chapter. She has additional training in cross-cultural medicine, mind-body medicine, nutritional medicine and functional medicine. Dr. Pollard has practiced Iyengar yoga since 1989. She enjoys cooking with whole foods and going to Austin’s farmers’ markets, as well as gardening and walking in her neighborhood with her husband and two young sons. She is fluent in Spanish.                                 


Who We Are: 

An integrative medical practice values the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, health care professionals and disciplines in order to achieve optimal health and healing. Integrative Medicine uses approaches that shift the focus from illness to wellness and from disease treatment to functional enhancement.   Personalized assessments using in-depth clinical visits and laboratory evaluation are used as appropriate to create individualized wellness support plans.

What is Functional Medicine?

Rhianna began her studies in Massage and Bodywork at Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage where she earned her state license in 2004.  She continued advancing her studies, completing her National Certification in Massage and Bodywork in 2006, and finally receiving her Board Certification in Massage and Bodywork in 2013.  She is nearing completion of an undergraduate degree with Siena Heights University for a BAS in Massage Therapy, the first of its kind to be offered here in the US.  During her teens she started practicing Yoga as a personal journey to wellness and healing, which has grown into a comprehensive and therapeutic way of life.  She completed her first teacher training in 2003 and began teaching group yoga classes.  Realizing group classes left many individuals without personal guidance and modification for injuries and trauma, lead her in 2012 to began studying Yoga Therapy through Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT).  By 2015 she had completed her Professional Yoga Therapy (PYT) accreditation and is now nearing completion of her 1000 hour Yoga Therapy Internship with IYT.  She is certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapist and continues to advance her studies through the somatics of healing, advanced kinesthetics, and wellness.  Rhianna is a native Texan, raised in the hill country near Garner State Park, transplanting to Austin in 1998.  She is a mother of three and owner of Namaste Therapies


West Holistic Medicine is a collaborative of practitioners:

physicians, nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists

and yoga and meditation coaches, who are passionate about promoting health and wellness. We provide personalized care that meets each patient's individual values and health goals  using coventional medicine, functional medicine, integrative healing and other healing traditions.

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We are a collaborative of practitioners who are passionate about personalized care, nutrition and the power of integrative medicine.

About us

What is Integrative Medicine?  

Functional Medicine uses protocols taken from the best techniques of conventional and natural medicine to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  Also referred to as root-cause medicine, “Functional Medicine is ecosystems medicine, it is a paradigm-shifting method of thinking of the body as an ecosystem, and an innovative way to look at chronic disease not by symptom, but by working with the core biological groups in the network of the body that are ecologically connected to each other,” says Mark Hyman, MD, Director of the Center for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.  Food and the body’s relationship with it though the gut and microbiome is examined and treated as an important driver of health and illness.  Functional Medicine considers and corrects areas of potential biochemical and physiological imbalance to achieve a greater sense of wellness

Jennifer Pollard, MD
Medical Director

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Ashley Maltz, MD, MPH
Integrative Medicine Physician

Kevin Laux, L.Ac,  MAOM 
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs,
Essential Oil Therapy
Rhianna Sanford, LMT, BCTMB, PYT 
Therapeutic Massage and Yoga  
Structural Bodywork, Zen Shiatsu

Dr. Maltz was born and raised in Houston and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. She earned her MD and Master in Public Health from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston. She completed her residency in Internal and Preventive Medicine at UTMB in 2011 and then a 2-year Integrative Medicine Fellowship at Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT.  Dr. Maltz has been trained in trigger point injections, meditation, spirituality, nutrition, mind-body therapies, botanicals and herbs via an intensive 1000-hour curriculum created by The University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Program founded by Dr. Andrew Weil.  She completed a 300-hour Medical Acupuncture course through the State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate.  Most recently,  she was living in Albuquerque, NM, working as an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico's School of Medicine.  Dr. Maltz is a member of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, for which she served on the Board of Directors from 2013 - 2015.  Dr. Maltz's specific interests include helping her patients improve their health through lifestyle interventions including, but not limited to, eastern medical practices, nutrition, botanicals, mind-body techniques and by decreasing environmental exposures.  Welcome back to Texas!