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*     Herbal/essential oil consults are included as part of any acupuncture session.
**   Herbs/oils for take home use are an additional cost.  Generally, one week of  herbs costs               $15-3 0 depending on the herbs used.  Essential Oils are generally  $10-15 per blend.

*** Kevin is in network with some insurance companies.  Please contact us if  you have more              questions.


Acupuncture, Initial Consultation (90 minutes) : $140*
Acupuncture, Follow Up (60 minutes) : $105*

Acupuncture, Follow Up (75 minutes) : $120*
Acupuncture, Extended Follow Up (90 minutes) : $140*
Acupuncture or Acupressure for children (sessions under 30 minutes) : $55*
Cupping/Guasha only (30 minute session) : $55  
 Herbal Consultation (15-20 minutes) : $40**
Herbs/Essential oils for home use : cost varies and is additional to above rates


West Holistic Medicine is a direct-pay practice. We offer payment plans and packages for some services.  Payment can be made with check, credit/debit card or from a health care savings account.  We can provide you with a detailed receipt of services rendered that you can submit to your insurance company. 

Initial Visit: $275
New Patient Annual: $275
Annual Established Patient: $240
Follow-up 60 minutes: $200
Follow-up 30 minutes: $140
Doctor Direct Secure Message/Phone Call up to 15 minutes: $70

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Services & Fees

Kevin Laux, L.Ac,  MAOM 

Kevin practices Classical Chinese Medicine, incorporating theories and meridian systems largely abandoned or lost in contemporary times.  His goal is to reach maximum therapeutic effectiveness with minimal therapeutic intervention.  He readily employs bodywork and acupressure techniques to enhance acupuncture sessions and can work without needles if necessary.  Time is taken when needed for dietary, exercise and lifestyle counseling as a part of your session.  While many are treated successfully using only acupuncture, Kevin also has a large supply of Chinese Herbs and Essential Oils to make custom blends when needed.  For more detailed information on services offered, go to Kevin's website at


West Holistic Medicine collects payment for these independent practitioners.

Ashley Maltz, MD, MPH

Given her background in various healing modalities, Dr. Maltz uses her knowledge of both Eastern and Western medical traditions to offer the most up-to-date and individualized healthcare for her patients. She offers Integrative Primary Care, Integrative Medicine Consultations, Medical Acupuncture, Trigger Point Injections, Mind-Body Medicine (including Peggy Huddleston's Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster surgical preparation program and Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT)), Clinical Nutrition and Natural Chronic Disease Management with evidence-based supplements and botanicals.  


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​Initial Visit: $350
Follow-up 60 minutes: $300
Follow-up 30 minutes: $150
Doctor Direct Secure Message/Phone Call up to 15 minutes: $70​​​​​​​​​​​

 Acupuncture Initial: $175 

Acupuncture Follow up: $110 

Transform Your Health Wellness Program: Call for price.  Video

Packages Available 

Functional Medicine in Austin

Jennifer Pollard, MD

In addition to conducting annual well examinations for everyone over the age of sixteen, Dr. Pollard provides wellness-oriented preventative care and guidance, consultations on supplements, and nutritional assessments. She manages chronic medical challenges and provides integral care coordination.  She has a personalized approach that includes long appointment times and the creation of a plan individualized for personal needs and goals.  She has an inclusive philosophy toward therapies that complement conventional care  She believes in prevention and using evidenced-based guidance to improve length and quality of life.  She is especially interested in working with patients during transitional times in their lives.